Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Advice

I am going to administer some life advice today because I know you're all like "EXCUSE ME LIFE ADVICE WHAT?" as I have done nothing over the last several days but make it abundantly clear that I am a mess.

Yes, I am a pathetic creature. You don't need to tell me. I can barely look in a mirror. But I do know something.

Hear me out.

I want to talk about pie crusts.

You should always have one in your freezer, my friends.

Because there is always a dinner where you could bring the dessert. If you have the pie crust and some berries in your freezer and a scoop of sugar and a little bit of cornstarch on hand, you're basically a hero with approximately four minutes of hands-on time.

Or, if there is someone special who you want to bring dinner (and, as the hapless old maid of the group, I'm talking more about my grandma or my best friend because, well, you know) but you have nothing in your house but you have a pie crust and all is not lost. Because you probably have eggs and some cheese and a random vegetable or two.

Quiche. Hello, quiche.

I realized this morning that Lucy, Chet and the boys were on their way home from vacation and a nice auntie would leave them something in the refrigerator but I didn't have time to grocery shop and cook something.

I broke out my emergency freezer pie crust and some eggs and the Pioneer Woman recipe (loosely followed), and by the time I was done getting ready for work (and ordering blush from Sephora and enjoying a cup of coffee) I had a quiche.

Which is kind of a miracle considering the state of my refrigerator and also the state of my head.

Pie crusts, boys and girls.    


Kari said...

Which pie crust recipe do you recommend??

A said...

I have always been THE WORST at making a pie crust but the Pioneer Woman's always works for me: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/12/p-p-p-pie_crust_and_its_p-p-p-perfect/

Always feel guilty for not using my mom's recipe, though!

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