Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Housing Crisis, Part 12

I'm just going to speed this up to get us to today because I'm as sick of writing about looking for a house as I am with looking for a house which is VERY SICK.

We went and looked at houses a couple of times following not getting the house I made an offer on. I wasn't really interested in anything that I could actually afford. Which was cool. Really getting attached to a house that isn't feasible to purchase is definitely my idea of fun.

Last week, my dad was all "let's broaden where you're looking! Maybe you can't be in the school district that you want to be in." And then he suggested what is essentially Trashville, located to the north, which is not only trashy but would also tack on a good 30 minutes of bumper-to-bumper-on-back-roads-until-you-reach-the-expressway driving to an otherwise reasonable commute if/when I take a new job. Fuck no.

I ignored him and then when the realtor started sending me listings for Trashville, I basically lost my shit. There are exactly two things I want out of a house: not to live somewhere that sucks and not to have a commute that sucks. I don't feel like this is unreasonable. And I'm not compromising.

I spent the entire weekend raging mad about this whole house situation. Pissed off that I can't afford houses that I want. Pissed off that I saw those houses in the first place. (To be fair, I suggested that we go up in price a little bit and, after I had the mortgage guy run the numbers, realized that it wasn't going to work.) Annoyed that my father even suggested that I settle for something with exactly zero of my whopping two requirements. Pissed off at my mother for giving me irritating pep talks in her understanding mom voice. Angry that this was taking so long. And very very very close to consulting Craigslist for rental listings.

I refused to see houses on Sunday. I needed a break. I went for a long run instead, because I am woefully undertrained for a half-marathon that I'm running this Saturday and also because I had negative energy to burn. And I went shopping. And I had a drink. And I got over my house hunting injustices and stopped being a brat.

Yesterday, the realtor sent over a few houses she wanted me to see, including one that she thought would go fast. Near a lake (such a sucker for the lake houses and I won't even apologize for it), in the general vicinity of where I would like to be, decent size, affordable. We need to see it by Tuesday or it will be gone, she said. Let's go tonight or tomorrow, I replied.

She clearly wanted to push our appointments until the next day and so that was the plan: to see the house that I was really interested in (along with a few others) tonight.

And she just emailed me to tell me that they've already accepted an offer house that I was really interested in.

So much for that! (Skip the "meant to be" condolences, I've already tried convincing myself of that and it is only pissing me off more.)

I basically want to light her on fire.

I also just want to give up.

Do people like this? Is house hunting enjoyable for some people? Because I find it to be nothing but an incredibly time-consuming exercise in annoyance.

I am so very over this. 


doahleigh said...

I did not enjoy house hunting one bit. It was mostly exhausting and frustrating. So yeah, maybe some people enjoy it. Not me! Not you!

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