Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hollywood ending

It all came together too perfectly this week. I'll backtrack, later, and tell you all about how the goodness piled up and how that got me hopeful and stupid.

Hopeful and stupid is a bad combination.

I thought for a minute that maybe everything was going to work out this time. Not just some of it but all of it. Everything was going to come together at once and this was the week that I was going to always, always remember.

This week will probably still be a week that I always remember. Just not entirely for the reasons that I want.

I don't know what else I expected.

I know better.

Hollywood endings aren't real.


Kari said...

The coach?
Sending hugs,

Anonymous said...

But we can still comment on this one:)

A said...

Which is perfectly fine by me! I just needed that one to be, as nonsensical as that is.

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