Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy, happy, happy

I knew that Friday morning would be a rough morning at work.

When Lucy invited me to join her and the boys at the park, I jumped on it.

Mother Nature must have known that I had suffered through a challenging week, because she sent out perfect weather. And the boys must have known that Auntie was in need of a pick-me-up, because they were extra sweet.

I assisted Baby A as he jumped from rock to rock.

And pushed swings.

And rode down the slide. (At least 20 times.)

And otherwise probably was a little too physically active for the afternoon before a half marathon.

The half marathon which, I should mention, I managed to slog through somewhat successfully. My run mirrored my training -- I never made the time for a training run of over 8 or 9 miles and it showed: I tanked right around mile 8 and really suffered through the remainder of the race. I finished in 1:55, which wasn't my best and wasn't my worst.  

Surely my lack of training is more to blame, but I wouldn't have traded one trip down the slide with Baby A for shaving even a single second off of my time.


my life is brilliant said...

That's a pretty awesome time, especially for such little training! Congrats!

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