Saturday, April 26, 2014

Derby Fashion Saturday

I ran out for Starbucks at lunch on Thursday and ended up with a few necklaces to potentially pair up with my Derby dress, too. There was nothing cute in black but a black necklace can't be that hard to find, right? (Famous last words. I'll spend all of next week at the mall.) 

But wasn't until yesterday that Lucy made a call on the hat that she's going to wear. I'm fairly certain that I've made my choice between the two remaining hats but there is still time to sway my decision!

I am totally going to be a brat and refuse to show you guys my final choices until after the Derby. This is how I repay you for being my fashion consultants.

And speaking of fashion consultation: I attempting to decide on a dress to wear to the races on Friday. I am not enamored with any of the dresses that I currently own but I refuse to buy another. I have too many dresses. It's an illness.


Dress 1: I recently saw a picture of me wearing this dress and I thought it looked a little big. Typical. I remember trying on this dress and asking my mom if I should try a size smaller. She said no, because she is forever trying to get me to size up and then I end up buying something that doesn't fit and you would think that I would learn. Anyway: the dress is navy and white and cute -- I would probably go with red accessories -- but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a striped sack.  

Dress 2: I threw this one into consideration last year. I have nothing profound to say about it.

Dress 3: The races on Friday have a pink/girl power theme and you're encouraged to wear pink. This is sort of a coral color, close enough to pink to be extra festive for Friday. The skirt is very full, which is fun. 

Dress 4: I pulled this one out of the back of my closet. Maybe it is too 2010?

I still have all of the dresses we considered last year, if any of those inspire you more than these choices. 

Or, I could wear my silly horse dress that's pictured at the very end of this post.  

Mostly I am completely undecided and leaning towards wearing soccer shorts and a t-shirt. 


Anonymous said...

last years hot pink, short option is my fav for friday. im a sucker for dresses with pockets.

Kari said...

Dress #3! That colour looks great on you and it fits you really well.
I like the yellow necklace -- you could where that with the black hat with white (and yellow) flowers and pair it with yellow shoes and a yellow purse!

Anonymous said...

Dress 3 is gorgeous! Also still like dress 5 from last year.

Anonymous said...

Dress 3! The first white dress with the orange necklace is super cute too. :)

Anonymous said...

Dress #3 all the way!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I like all the dresses but I vote for dress #3 as that color is fun and it looks great on you!

my life is brilliant said...

I guess I'm all about the coral tonight. I love the coral necklace with the white dress, and that coral dress (#3) looks FANTASTIC on you for Friday!

Unknown said...

Dress #4 is my favorite, but you need more than one dress, right? Because #3 is really pretty too.

Accidentally Me said...

I'm voting for #4 from last year, followed by #3 from last year. If you need more pink and don't want to re-wear the short pink one from last year, then I'd go with the coral one here.

Mostly though, I think it is important that you spend the entire day walking around as if you are concentrating on a pretend phone 8 inches in front of your face. I feel like THAT is what will really make the outfit!

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