Thursday, April 03, 2014

Auntie Pie

I do not keep it a secret: I love nicknames.

I love my own nicknames. I love calling others by nicknames, whether they are ones that I have coined or ones that have been bestowed upon by others.

Lucy labeled me as Auntie, or Auntie Aly, to Baby A when he was very small.  That tickled me. My mom doesn't have any friends who are my aunts-but-not-really so being Baby A's aunt-but-not-really felt special.

Eventually, he started referring to me as "me," which eventually started sounding more like "--tie" and then evolved to "auntie."

And as of a few weeks ago, I am Auntie Pie.

Of course I am.
Our favorite activities involve pat, pat, patting and roll, roll, rolling out various doughs: be it donuts or play-doh or sugar cookies.
And I am the auntie who brings over dessert on Friday nights: dessert that is oftentimes a (kosher-friendly) pie.  

The kid loves making and eating baked goods almost as much as I do.

Hence the mutual adoration. And my awesome new nickname.


my life is brilliant said...

That is the best and most appropriate nickname EVER! I love it so much. How sweet!

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