Monday, April 28, 2014

A little of a lot

1. Lucy's son, Baby A, has recently informed her that I am a garbage truck. This is apparently a compliment. Baby A also thinks that I live in the pirate ship play structure down at the beach.  

2. I have made Derby dress decisions and you guys are going to be shocked! Okay, shocked is a gross overestimation of what you all may feel when I reveal my attire but there is a (small) twist.

3. Now I'm spending all of my free time contemplating what sunglasses I should pack.

4. If I am this obnoxious about the dresses that I'm wearing to a sporting event, we're all in big trouble when I get married. We will probably need to have some sort of a blogger retreat were we all eat a lot of pie and then you guys pick out my dress.

5. With the boy drama and the dress debate, I have totally neglected to blog an update to the house search. Later this week: I promise! 

6. In the 10 days following The Coach's big decision and my subsequent disappointment (and an unfortunate cough), I drowned my sorrows in the second season of House of Cards. That show is not so awesome that it changed my life but it is relatively awesome.    

7. I'm going to try The Americans next.

8. I have been so tired lately. I can't seem to catch up. I could go for a nap right now. And still get to bed by 10:30 pm. 

9. How does one go about choosing one dating site over another? 

10. My job is hard, you guys. It's a good thing I find it rewarding and it's even better that I believe it's important because it isn't an easy job and most of the time it isn't even all that fun.

11. Over the weekend, I ran over a nail and ended up with a flat tire. It could have been worse. My dad came to my rescue and my mom eventually showed up, too. I was squatted down next to Dad while he was showing me how to change a tire and my mom said she had a flashback to when I was a toddler, squatted down next to my dad as he taught me how something worked. It must be really weird when your kids get super old.

12. My toes are currently painted OPI's Brisbane Bronze. 

13. My cousin Emma asked me if she should hand write the addresses on her sister's bridal shower invitations. She has awful handwriting and I wanted to tell her as much but not as much as I didn't want to hear her whining about how I think she has shitty handwriting. So I didn't say anything. And the invitations will probably look wrecked. I don't think that I care. 

14. On Friday, I had my first hair appointment since December. December, you guys. Needless to say, I look 100% less scraggly today and it was long overdue.

15. Last week, I stumbled across this recipe for overnight chia pudding and added the (two) ingredients to my Trader Joe's list. I have had no interest in my breakfast standbys lately, so I usually halfheartedly eat something and find myself starving by the time I get get to lunch. Chia pudding was either pretty tasty (I made mine with mango and loved it all week) or it's proof that I'll eat basically anything. 

16. I haven't gone on a run and I haven't gone to the gym since I finished my half marathon and I haven't felt guilty about it, either.            


Kari said...

#9!! I think AM likely already has your profile ready to go on about 3 or 4 sites...

Accidentally Me said...

It's not quite that bad Kari, but I think we could put it together pretty quickly! I'm working on her to get a couple of other boy-related things done first, but Match is always lurking just below the surface:-)

#13 made me laugh. Put it on the long list of things that are utterly unimportant but will almost certainly make the bride throw a fit.

#14 - You should have gone red! Can I get some support here, people?

#16 - Welcome to my world!

my life is brilliant said...

Dude, I am so down for #4!

Heather said...

always red toes, and ... good luck with the dating sites. i am on a couple, and i'm pretty much over all of them. i'm super tired of piggish messages and outright anger/names when i politely decline a meet-up with someone i have zero interest in.

but i will save my horror stories for drinks and hope that it goes differently for you.

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