Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Weekend Continues

This week has merely been a continuation of my weekend: busy.

While I spent all of last weekend assisting Meg with her big event, this week has been spent managing my own chaos. From work to hockey to meetings and soccer games and house stuff and my first ice cream run of the year: I feel like I haven't sat down in a week.

And I feel like I haven't blogged in a month. I don't have a lot to tell you guys about, but I do have things to tell you guys about. I owe you an update on my cousin Anna's wedding. I need to get you up to speed on my house situation. We can mull over potential Derby dresses and if I should cut my hair and what kind of shoes I should buy for my trip to Brazil.  Also we should always talk about boys and nail polish.

So much nonsense to write and so little time!

I am not complaining. 

Hectic weeks go by the quickest and that's a treat when I hit this anxious, impatient stretch in the early part of the spring.

I won't be sad to see March go.

Except I will be sad to see March go because April brings a half marathon for which I've done an alarmingly small fraction of the training that I need in order to run a decent race.

Just thinking about that makes me tired.

More tired. 


Gloria said...

Sometimes when we think we don't have anything to say, then we think about it and realize, "yeah, I do have a lot to blog about!" I still want to hear about your house situation, what you're looking at, I definitely want to hear about any wedding stuff with your cousin, boy talk is always interesting, so start typing!

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