Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spitting Mad

Guess who called Lucy last night?

Colleen's mom.


Colleen's mom called because Colleen and the baby are home from the hospital and Colleen is a disaster.

Not Lucy's problem.


Colleen's always had bad anxiety and depression. Her mom, too. Neither of them have any boundaries, hence the phone call to Colleen's former closest friend who she hasn't talked to in two years. Since Lucy had her first baby and Colleen couldn't bother to stop by or check in to see how new motherhood was treating Lucy.

Funny that Colleen popping out a kid seems like a big thing. A big thing that might require some support. When Lucy's own first kid was absolutely beyond what Colleen could wrap around her selfish mind. Funny that Colleen's new friends (or her new husband or her new in-laws) aren't capable of providing her what Lucy can.

I am so angry that Colleen's mom thinks that Lucy can or Lucy will sweep in and rescue Colleen. How dare she attempt to use Lucy like that.

Lucy is incredibly empathetic. She's a social worker. It is who she is. She told Colleen's mom that she was reluctant to get involved because it's been two years since they've talked. She told Colleen's mom that she would send her a text message. I'm glad that she's setting boundaries.

I hope that this is it. I hope that this is all. Lucy can and will make her own decisions, but I sincerely hope she doesn't get sucked back in. Lucy deserves so much more than a friend who only wants her in her life when it's convenient for her. And that's exactly who Colleen is. She ignored Lucy when Baby A was born. She didn't hear from Colleen for over three months, until Colleen needed a friend to accompany her wedding dress shopping. That's not a friend.

And Lucy is the very definition of friend.

I just want the best for her. Providing free social work under the guise of a friendship just can't be the best.


Kari said...

So glad Lucy has you! Colleen needs help and that help should come from someone who doesn't know her as often with mental illness it is difficult to provide care when you are emotionally attached to the person.

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