Sunday, March 30, 2014

Housing Crisis, Part 9

The next Saturday (which was three weeks ago), I went with my parents to look at houses.

I know, right?

But why? I don't know. Because I wanted them to get off my back. Because I wanted to see a few houses before I gave this idea up for good. Because there was one house that looked promising enough that maybe I would want to consider it.

Because I was so back and forth that I didn't even know what I wanted anymore. There were all of the tears and the resentment and the guilt and that tiny little burst of hope that I would get every time I looked at a house that was affordable and in a decent location and didn't look like it was infested with cockroaches.

I made a few appointments online. In my dad's name because I thought that, if anyone should be getting harassing phone calls and emails from real estate agents, it should be my father.

The first agent who called him back was the listing agent for that house that made my heart jump a little bit. She ended up making appointments for a few other houses nearby and, after working that morning, I met my parents and the Realtor to poke around a few houses.

It was okay. We saw two complete horrors: one was so bad that I've since nicknamed it Satan's Cottage. We saw two other houses that had potential. The house that caught my eye online was okay, but priced a little higher than I was comfortable with and located on a road that was a little busier than I really liked. There was a second house that, when I had seen it online, I immediately rejected as too small and too shabby. Turns out that it was small but not oppressively tiny, in a great little neighborhood, and it was clean but in desperate need of a kitchen update. The price was terrifically low. I crunched the numbers on the second house when I got home and it felt surprisingly manageable.

I wasn't convinced. I didn't find the process enjoyable or fun but it was educational. It was well worth a few hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

I didn't even cry!

And, even crazier than that: I could almost picture myself in that second tiny little house.


Gloria said...

I find your house hunt fascinating. There is nothing I love more than househunting and I have received my girl scout badge in house buying and selling (over 20 moves in the last 40 years!) After each move, I always say, "I'm not doing that again!" but soon enough, the grass starts looking greener somewhere else. I hope you find your dream home in your price range!

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