Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Housing Crisis, Part 6

I should clarify that all this housing stuff started at the beginning of the year. I was just too overwhelmed to write about it. I'm in the process of catching up. Longest story ever? We're up to everything that went down about three weeks ago.

I was upset after my dad called with instructions for me to get in touch with the mortgage guy. Really upset. I felt jerked around. He pulled me off of the rental path with the promise that he was going to buy a house and then pushed me out in front of a mortgage broker. 

I called the mortgage broker anyway. I gave him all of the necessary information to get pre-approved for a mortgage. He called my office far too many times. I quietly stewed. 

It felt incredibly bratty to call my dad out. "But you said you were buying the house!" I'm 31. I have a job. My parents shouldn't be buying me a house. Even though that's what they said that they were going to do.

I wasn't sure what I should do so I did exactly what was asked of me. I gritted my teeth when my dad asked me about it. I rolled my eyes when taking yet another phone call from the mortgage guy. I told myself that it didn't hurt to find out. 

I completely stopped looking at houses -- to rent or to buy. I had a lot of really awful commutes to and from work. I wanted to move. Minus all of the bullshit. I wanted to move, like, that week. In the awful cold. It didn't matter. As long as I was moved. As long as the process, and all of my anxiety about the process, was over. 

Mercifully, Mom and Dad were in California the next week. The mortgage guy was off of my back. I stayed at their house with the dog and I relished the short commute. If I didn't know it before, I was sure of it by the end of that week: moving closer to work would really improve my quality of life.

Moving was the right thing to do. I got that much right. And I didn't think of it much beyond that. I didn't shop for houses to buy. I didn't browse for houses to rent. I took a break, I took a deep breath, I baked a lot and I commuted very little. It was a lovely respite from the aggravation.

Then my parents came back from vacation.

And it was my mother's turn to be annoying.


Kari said...

Ugg -- this sounds horrible. Do I need to have a chat with your parents?

gloriason said...

Oh my goodness, girl, don't leave me hanging! What happened next? Rent or buy? By the way, I totally agree with you that your dad should not have said he would buy the house and then turn it around to you buy the house especially when you are concerned about moving out of state.

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