Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hockey Aunt

Meg's hockey team was playing in a big deal tournament this weekend. It's an annual tournament; the host site changes yearly. This year, it happened to be fairly close to home.

Unlike her usual games, which tend to be later in the evenings, she had daytime games during the tournament. Which meant that I could finally bring Baby A to a game.

Baby A caught a few minutes of hockey on television a couple of months ago and was enthralled. He started smacking around toys with his toy rake. Until his best auntie (that would be me) hooked him up with a hockey stick. Shortly thereafter, Lucy mentioned bringing him to see a little bit of hockey in person.

We finally made it happen on Sunday afternoon.

I had gone to Meg's game on Saturday night and, when I was there, it occurred to me that Baby A was going to lose his shit when he saw the Zamboni on the ice. The kid loves tractors and construction equipment. A big machine is a big machine, am I right?

Lucy spent the morning showing Baby A pictures of Zamboni machines to fire him up for the main event.
I suggested that Lucy show up about halfway through the game. There was no way that Baby A was going to last through a whole game and, if we timed it right, he could see a little bit of hockey and two resurfaces.

We timed it right.

And, I must say, he was diggin' it. He liked the hockey. He liked the Zamboni. He liked the soft pretzel and the popcorn.
I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said by someone with, but: it's so fun watching that boy experience new things. And it's doubly fun when he's experiencing something that you love.

Lucy texted me the next morning to tell me that Baby A woke up demanding hockey and the "ice tractor."

Programming: complete.

Skating's next!


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