Monday, March 03, 2014

A busy weekend (of baking)

I was dogitting for Mom and Dad and didn't have anything better to do before watching Grey's Anatomy. Plus I knew that Meg, my sister, would be around over the weekend and would be scavenging for treats.   

Friday: Vanilla Layer Cake and Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

Meg and I took Grandma out for her birthday. When we got home, we surprised her with a cake that I probably should have taken out of the oven five minutes sooner.

Saturday: French Macarons

Lucy and I have been itching to try our hand at macarons for a while now and we finally found the time (when her boys were both asleep) to give it a whirl. Macarons are so intimidating and everything I read on them all but guaranteed that we would fail miserably but our results weren't terrible. We didn't want to invest too much time in what we assumed would be a disaster, so we didn't bother with fancy colors or fillings. It will be fun to experiment with those once we figure out how to smooth out the tops.  

Sunday: I remembered that I have a gym membership in addition to approximately 17 sports bras. 

I didn't make it back until today but, heavens, it felt good to sweat out a bit of that sugar.


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