Monday, February 03, 2014


We got a lot of snow this weekend. But it was also in the low 30s and that makes it all quite tolerable. The hard part about this winter hasn't been the snow (which I really don't mind) it's the cold (which as been absolutely brutal). 

I was dogsitting for Mom and Dad, who were gone for the weekend, so I got to enjoy the snowy lakeside. 


Friday night was like most Friday nights: movie night at Lucy and Chet's house.

I spent Saturday with Meg and our cousin Emma. It's been a long time since the three of us spent a Saturday doing what we do best: baking brownies, shopping, eating and impersonating a threesome of lazy slugs.

Meggie and I painted the monograms that I recently bought via Etsy. I pictured mine on my very big, very blank office wall but I am not quite convinced that my office wall is where it will reside. We'll see. I love it.

I know that monograms are very current at the moment, but I've been obsessed with them for years. My mom and all of her sisters have gold monogram necklaces from their grandmother. In turn, our grandma bought a gold monogram necklace for me, Meg and all of our cousins for our college graduation gift. It is such a special, classy piece of jewelry. I love the idea of having my monogram on my wall and it giving me the same happy feeling that I get every time I put on that necklace.

I spent a good part of the weekend stuck in a book. Blog friend extraordinaire Kristin recommended it; Laura seconded the suggestion. I like it but I am not obsessed. I am guessing the obsession comes later (I'm not yet halfway through) because these gals have impeccable taste in books and, well, pretty much everything else.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was a big, big win for The Coach and for his team. It was a huge upset and a really important victory and I watched online and felt so, so happy for him and so proud of him. He sent me a text message just after the game -- it's always nice to feel included in what he's doing so far away -- and my heart nearly burst into a thousand happy pieces while I attempted to type the right words to congratulate him. He got a proper congratulations later but, it was fun to tell him that he was awesome right in the midst of it. And it was even more fun to hear all about it. I'm happy for him. 

I have a lot feelings about his coaching and what it requires of him and about his current job and everything that surrounds it. I have even more feelings about him and I and whether I am making a huge mistake. I have one foot in and one foot out at the moment. I'm unsure and pretty stuck in my head about it: I'm not really ready to write about it and I'm not looking for advice. I'm just letting things simmer. It seems to be working for me.
Uncertain as I may be at the moment, it is simply awesome to see him do well. He works really hard. He earns his success. I want the best for him. I am sure of that.

And so that was my first weekend of February.

Starting off strong.  


Accidentally Me said...

Well, I'm happy for him, but obviously I am not THAT happy for him...I'm sure you can understand:-)

Unknown said...

your shout out just made me smile for the first time since i woke up this morning. it's currently noon... thank you!

ps. thank you for not dying while choking on steak.

A said...

AM -- yes, I certainly can understand where you're coming from.

And, Laura -- yay. I am glad that you smiled (and that I didn't die).

Anonymous said...

but i want you to be obsessed too! hope you're at least enjoying it!

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