Friday, February 21, 2014

This week

This week my thoughts were dominated by thoughts about housing. You might have been able to tell by the content of my posts.

This week I left work at lunchtime to watch Olympic figure skating at Mom and Dad's house. Twice.

This week I watched Olympic hockey in my office. Twice.

This week I came down with a rotten cold.

This week I attended two board meetings. One was significantly better than the other.

This week my nails were painted OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. It's very possibly my favorite nail color.

This week I got a few unexpected pledges to help with upcoming, challenging work tasks.

This week my hair was mostly a greasy mess.

This week featured a lot of pressure. Sinus and otherwise.

This week I wore a new dress with an old cardigan. I felt cute.

This week I ate an embarrassing amount of candy. Mostly for breakfast.

This week my hockey team lost, 3-0.

This week Liz was on a business trip but I was too busy with work to really take advantage of all of my weirdest secret single behaviors.

This week I got a massage. I needed it.


Sabrina said...

Love that color! Every week I debate getting a shade like that, but I think it looks a tad too goth with my dark skin. This week I got my favorite, Opi's Big Apple Red. It's funny how we ladies have loyalty to certain colors :)

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