Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slow Progress

After asking for your opinion on the drab and empty walls of my office back in November, I completely neglected to update you all on the current state of my office decor.

I thought it would be fun to do a big reveal when I was finished. Then I realized that I'll probably never be finished.

In my original post, I mentioned a Word Cup poster that I had originally bought and framed for the ill-fated Colin. I found it in the basement and decided that it was too awesome to ever remind me of Colin. It went on the wall.

I am such a sucker for quote prints. I found a print of a Theodore Roosevelt quote that I especially love, a quote that is especially applicable to work, in colors that worked with my World Cup print.

I bought it from a seller on Etsy.

I finished up the wall with another Etsy purchase that I mentioned earlier this month: my monogram! I bought it unpainted and somehow managed not to ruin it in the process of painting it turquoise. Huge life victory.

Which brings us to a poor-quality photo of where I am at the moment.

Including needing to straighten out and recenter that World Cup poster, it seems. (I had to take everything down in the midst of our recent building problems.) And my credenza needs work. Including a lamp. And maybe a clock. Possibly something fun like a globe.

I'm not opposed to trying to keep a plant alive but that grape ivy plant, which was a very thoughtful gift, is living in a hideous basket that needs to go.

And I have another whole area above my bookshelf where something great should live.

Well. Maybe.

I'm trying not to turn the place into my freshman year dorm room, you know?

Please stop me if I mention anything about photo collages or Dave Matthews Band posters.


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