Saturday, January 04, 2014

Year of the Crab

I appreciate that you're all so kind or so polite as to not come right out and tell me that I am being a whiny bitch but: why didn't any of you guys point out how rotten and crabby I was in 2013?

Because I was so whiny and so crabby that you stopped reading altogether? Can't blame you if you did! 

This morning, I skimmed through my blog posts from the last year. I was honestly a little surprised by my tone. I would have claimed that 2013 was a pretty decent year but I certainly didn't blog like a person who was having a good year. I blogged like someone who was in a perpetual bad mood.
Maybe I was.

Maybe I was just doing a better job of acknowledging when I wasn't happy -- it's more my nature to pretend like everything is more okay than it actually is -- but I think that I went a little overboard.
It wasn't that bad.

And I'm a little bummed that I wrote as though it was.

We still had our fun moments, didn't we? Picking out my Kentucky Derby dress. Quality comment-section banter. Gossiping about Meg and various guys. Bitching about Facebook.

I am always partial to our dissection of text messages. Just because it's so minor but can be blown up to feel so major and it's precisely the activity that you would do over coffee with your girlfriends and that's exactly what this blog fees like: hanging out with friends.

Speaking of text messages to dissect:

Have at that one, friends.

While you're busy with that, I'll get busy with readjusting my attitude.

Because 2013 was not as awful as I made it out to be.

And 2014 is going to be a lot better.


k said...

I'm hello?!? How'd you answer that one??

gloriason said...

I'm melting . . . I love a good romance! Surely you responded with, I love you too!, right?

Accidentally Me said...

Who is it from?:-P

Kari said...

yeah! The coach is finally opening up.

my life is brilliant said...

I love that he told you this, but was is the first time? If so, will you bonk him on the head when you see him next?!

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