Monday, January 27, 2014


I never turn off my phone. My battery is never dead. I only turn it to silent when I'm at work. I am always available.

It's annoying.

I am not that important. I am not that interesting. There is not one person on this planet who truly needs or depends on me in such a way that I cannot be unavailable for a reasonable stretch of time. I do not need to have access to my email every second, every day. My livelihood does not depend on my Twitter feed. I could stand to miss a few pictures posted to Facebook featuring the really cute daughter of some random kid who rode my bus in elementary school.

It was so simple to have my phone at my side all of the time that my phone was by my side all of the time. Minus when I was in the shower and that's pretty much it.

(Maybe that's why I've been taking so many showers lately!) 

Yesterday, I turned off my phone and I dumped it in the bottom of my purse and then I put it in the other room and I picked up a book and I commanded myself to read, uninterrupted, for a few hours and I didn't have to listen for a ringtone it was brilliant.

When I went to the gym later that night, I left my phone in my locker. It meant that I was subjecting myself to the gym's soundtrack of outdated music that is absolutely brutal and torture in and of itself but at least I didn't feel obligated to answer text messages while trying not to fly off of the back of my treadmill.

I did the same thing today. In the middle of the workday. I was unavailable to my employees for a whole 45 minutes while I threw down a quick run at lunch and here's the crazy thing: we all lived.

And I felt like I could breathe.

And it was pretty damn nice.  


Anonymous said...

Great idea and good for you :)

Heather said...

proud of you.

i've taken to putting it on do-not-disturb mode at the gym (i use it for music - it will shuffle a playlist, my archaic iPod does not) and it's so lovely to not be chimed at by email or FB msgs or texts or anything. this is something i will keep doing for 2014, i think.

Sabrina said...

I have 2 phones (work and personal) and I feel constantly connected so I too, FORCE myself to disconnect. Sometimes I leave the house and run errands for a couple of hours (but the anxiety of "what if I missed something" hasn't gone yet).

Baby steps!

Anonymous said...

I will sometimes deliberately shut down my wireless connection for hours at a stretch when I really have to get things done. Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to have decent focus.

And sometimes, like what you're doing, it's nice to disconnect just for the sake of experiencing what you're doing in the moment.

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