Monday, January 06, 2014

Terrific Two

Today is Baby A's birthday and I simply cannot believe that it's been two years since that I fell in love with that wild-haired, dough rolling, stinker of a sidekick. I am so lucky to have spent so much time with him over the last two years: a couple of vacations, countless meals, more cups of coffee than I would ever admit to consuming, book after book and toy after toy.

While I know that he won't always crawl all over me when I show up at his house, that he won't always grab my hand and pull me over to play before I've even had a chance to take off my shoes, I hope that I will always be a special person in his life. I hope that he grows up knowing that he can always grab my hand if he needs one to hold.

* * *

I spent my Friday with Lucy's boys. Daycare was closed. She was working, I was not. It only made sense. She thanked me a thousand times over. I am beginning to believe it will be impossible to make her understand that it's as fun for me to babysit them as it is a convenience for her.

While it was a few days short of his birthday, I brought along part of Baby A's birthday present. He had so loved making donuts last month that I got him his own supplies: a case of Play-Doh and a Melissa and Doug set with rolling pins and stampers and the like.

He was very pleased with the gift selection and we sat at the kitchen table to "roll! roll! roll!" for, like, an entire day in toddler time. Which I think translates to something around 45 minutes in adult time.

My mom came by to help for a few hours. Okay, she came for the baby snuggles but I can't blame her. She showed up just as Baby A dumped a vial of glitter onto a chair; I was grateful to hand over Baby L and take care of the mess.

Seeing how much my mom loved being around Lucy's babies -- and hearing about it after -- just about broke my heart. She is kind enough to not be one of those "give me grandbabies!" moms but it is impossible to be around her and those little nuggets and not realize what a awesome, supportive grandmother she would be. Baby L is not a great sleeper and she had him napping in his crib in approximately three minutes flat and here I am, spending my weekends painting my nails and watching Gossip Girl and otherwise wasting her baby whispering powers.


Accidentally Me said...

Well, you should totally get pregnant I right?!?!

A said...

You are wrong!

Kari said...

Just to warn you -- when mother's who are nurses become grandmas, their worry gene goes into overdrive (based on an n of about 20 nurse-mother-grandmas). All rational thought regarding health goes out the window regarding the health of grandbabies. Also when you do become pregnant, don't give your real due date. Take your due date and add a few weeks to it.

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