Thursday, January 02, 2014

So, about those resolutions


In preparation of being the last active blogger alive to write a review of her 2013 (it appears that everyone else is much more on the ball than I am), I had just started to go through my posts from the last year when I stumbled upon my 2013 resolutions.

Let me reiterate: oops.

1. Drink more water: This has been a resolution of mine for the last three years and basically the only time I'm drinking the proper amount of water is during summer season soccer (because it is hot and I don't want to end up dead) and in the week leading up to the half-marathon I run every October (because it's long and I don't want to end up dead). Grade: D-.

2. Say the f-word less: I suppose I'm a little better on account of being SuperAuntie to Baby A (who has really only gotten chatty in the last few months) and my new role as BigMeanBoss but I find myself swearing far too often in most other situations. I am really good at it and that's really bad. Grade: D. 

3. Make 12 recipes from 12 different cookbooks: Yeah, no. I topped out at four. Maybe five. In addition to not reaching this goal, I was too lazy to keep track. Nice. I did a fair amount of cooking in 2013, but my cooking-related resolutions from previous years gave me a really decent arsenal of recipes to rely on. There were a lot more old favorites coming out of my kitchen than there were newcomers. Grade: C-.   

4. Read at least two classics: Oh, sure, everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a classic but the truth of the matter is that exactly zero books I read this year meet the criteria of I would consider a classic. Grade: F.   

5. Take a vitamin: I made a resolution to be a real grownup who takes a daily vitamin and, upon announcing it to my mother, she informed me that research is showing that you don’t need to take a daily vitamin. So I dropped it. BUT THEN I TOOK A VITAMIN EVERY DAY. Lucy bought enough vitamins to supplement the diet of an entire football team, gave half of them to me and here I am: a real grownup who takes vitamins. That she may or may not actually benefit from. But who cares about that? I TOOK THEM. And it was the only resolution (which I technically cancelled) that I really achieved. Grade: A.     

How did you guys do with your 2013 resolutions? Are you bothering with 2014 resolutions? I'm on the fence as to whether it's even worth it for anything beyond a good reason to laugh at myself come next January. 


Sabrina said...

For goal #4, you could have a read a book this year that will BECOME a classic!

I want to be someone who 'hates' resolutions, but they are kind of nice. Mine are random, but 2 biggies:

Get foot surgery: I've been putting it off for 2 years, which means 2 years of constant pain, icing, and pain killers.

Get down to my 2008 weight: the year I felt the most fit in my life

Sleep better: figure out a way to be less reliant on sleep aids.

Hmm, I think I might have to write a resolutions post now too!

Heather said...

i decided on goals for 2014, not resolutions.

goal 1. i am going back to crossfit. i want my pants to shrink, and they did not in 2013. medications had them swell up a size, which is actually more terrifying a mindfuck than losing weight has been, interestingly. my first class back was last night. i have to see this through until at least my birthday in march before i can let myself quit. there are, of course, numbers-based goals within this, but given that my body fights me, those are sort of sub-goals that are less important/need less focus. right now it's about getting back to strength training and flexibilty. and also endurance.

goal 2. stop frivolous spending. i have failed at this one as i have bought myself the cards against humanity 4th expansion, a Doctor Who hockey jersey, and a new cookbook (it's out of print, so ... get it while supplies last!) so far, but i have resisted everything else. it's a slow process, but i'll get there. stopping frivolous spending will theoretically finance goals 3 and 4.

goal 3. move closer to work and home. there's nothing keeping me in this area, and it's no longer fun.

goal 4. dublin for halloween 2015, with bonus trip to london, because that city and i aren't done with each other yet.

A said...

Sabrina: yes, write a resolutions post! (Copy and paste your comments from here and it's practically done.)

Heather: you have great goals for the year (keep working hard! I am proud of you!) and I am joining you on Halloween, thankyouverymuch.

Heather said...

the more the merrier. i'm thinking two weeks, either bookending london with dublin, or bookending dublin with london. depends on what's cheaper. (answer: never one-way flights) i want at least a week in dublin and i'm going to need like, three or four days in london.

more if i sniff out benedict cumberbatch. well, i'll need a visa at that point, but details.

it's a big world out there. i want to see more of it, and if i have to do it alone, so be it.

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