Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking ahead

Sometimes, it just helps to have a nice list on hand of all of the things you have to look forward to in the next few months. Even if the list really just emphasizes how truly simple you are.
  • A trip to Chicago to see my cousin Mara's newborn.
  • Submitting the report to the state that has been vexing me for months.  
  • Books. (Maybe, if I'm lucky, one that completely changes my life.) 
  • Starting my newly-appointed position on my soccer league's executive board and telling the existing board (gently) that they make incredibly horrible decisions.  
  • A springtime half-marathon, if I'm feeling really brave. 
  • Valentine's Day: mostly the candy but also having a night to babysit Lucy's babies. 
  • Finally seeing Catching Fire.
  • Upping the blonde content in my hair at my next appointment.
  • A soccer friend's baby shower that, uniquely, includes going dancing.  
  • Finalizing all sorts of details for this summer's trip to Brazil. 
  • The return of Roll Up The Rim To Win at Tim Horton's. 
  • Any and all reasons to be away for work for a day, even if the reason is just as boring as a regular day of work. 
  • Watching season 3 of Girls on HBO.
  • Projects with Lucy (we always have a few up our sleeves), which include:
    • Decorating cookies for Baby A's second birthday party.
    • A possible return trip to the Kentucky Derby (we booked a hotel room but didn't buy tickets) or maybe the Belmont Stakes.
    • Learning how to make legit delicious macarons that also aren't hideous.
    • Perfecting the fine art of phở. (I have a hunch that this recipe from Smitten Kitchen is going to lead us to the promised land). 
    • Watching Homeland, seasons 1-3.
  • Getting my procrastinatin' ass pre-approved for a mortgage and starting on some proper house hunting.
  • Wrapping up another hockey season. 
  • Continuing to decorate my office. 
  • Simplifying. 
What's getting you through until spring? 

And who has recommendations for a book that will change my life? 


Kari said...

I think you need to "book" a trip to see the coach....that may change your life:)

B. said...

You have a lot of things to look forward to. Thanks for you post, it makes me want to write my own list of things to look forward to :)

Sabrina said...

One of my favorites of last year was Beautiful Ruins, it received a lot of critical accolade. Of course, I don't have a sense of your taste in books (you might hate novels!), but I really loved it. :)

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