Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jaw clenching with a side of calmness

What a damn week. The first week in several where I've worked more than three or four days: the amount that I worked was traumatic in itself. Plus what I was working on: high stress. Plus what my employees were trying to do: kill me with their bad behavior. Plus, oh, everything. It was one of those weeks. Everything.

The first part of the week was bad: stress, drama, too much coffee and not enough time to paint my nails. I got through it. Mainly by clenching my jaw. This is a new thing, the jaw clenching.

Probably not the best new coping mechanism.

I tried to be positive. I tried to be grateful. But I was pretty miserable except for this unusual underlying calmness that it would all, eventually, work out. Generally, I can't see the sunshine when I'm in the gutter. This week, I knew that I was trudging through mud and I knew that it would dry out.

It did.

Thursday afternoon brought gifts. Friday did, too. And maybe even today, though I don't want to put too much stock into the events of today that have given me hope and a lot to dream about.

My jaw is still sore.

But, other than that, I feel great.


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