Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hold up.

Wait, wait, wait.

I just got home from dinner at Lucy and Chet's house, checked my email and: hold up, you guys. Let me clarify and let me apologize for misleading you. I failed to think this one through.

I didn't give you the context.

It's way less exciting in context.

The text in question was merely in response to a favor that I did for The Coach.

Not a grand declaration.

(If there was a grand declaration, would there be anything to dissect?)

I'm sorry for the confusion.

When I do really have big news, I promise I won't bury the lede.


K said...

I figured as much (actually I thought maybe you'd sent him another big box of cookies or something) -- but with him it is a fairly big step! (Remember, hockey players = emotionally stunted)

my life is brilliant said...

Whew! You can save the bonk on the head now. :) I think it's huge that he said that in any context. I'm glad this wasn't THE declaration, since that should be saved for in person or, in circumstances like yours, even a phone call. As long as you guys have been doing this song & dance, I think it's a lot closer to THE declaration than a "Gee, you're great!", punch-on-the-shoulder kind of comment. Woohoo!

(Is it weird that I'm more excited about it now that I know the context? Bet you didn't see that one coming!)

Flmgodog said...

Well shoot, I thought we were getting somewhere. It's still nice he threw it in...

A said...

hahaha. No, not really going somewhere but MLIB is kind of right on: it deserves a bonk on the head if it first came, seriously, via text message.

And I will say that he never used the L-word with me, in any context, until probably 6 months ago. Take from that what you will!

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