Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enough already

I am not going to dwell on everything that hasn't gone right this month (my commute, every aspect that makes my building habitable for human beings, my staff, chipped nail polish, long distances, dry skin, crabby husbands, favors gone wrong, THE WEATHER) because I want to move away from dwelling on what I am unhappy about because it's a lazy excuse for blogging but can we just stop for a second and acknowledge what is a fact and the truth?

January has been awful.

January has been so constantly awful (hello, the weather?) that it is actually comical. It's so bad it's funny. (Seriously. The weather.)

On my drive to the office this morning, I spaced out while listening to NPR and found myself wondering what else could possibly go wrong before we flip our calendars on Saturday morning.

Then I got to work and, before I even set down my purse, a contractor told me that my office (which currently has no heat) would probably have a pipe burst (due to the lack of heat). So I should prepare myself. (Which I did. By taking my diplomas off of the wall.)

And while I was preparing myself (by taking my diplomas off of the wall), I turned on my space heater -- which isn't nearly strong enough to cut the cold -- and blew a fuse.

A fuse that is located in a fuse box that isn't in my portion of our municipal facility.

The maintenance crew had already gone home for the day.

And so now I have an office that is 46°, without electricity and may soon include a special water feature.

January: you can let yourself out.      


gloriason said...

This winter has been so brutal, so sorry that you are suffering like that. Keep warm and keep your chin up, spring is coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I laughed despite your 46 degree/water problems. I'm with you on January - go.away. One more day to Feb! YAY! Hang in there!

A said...

Oh, girl: laugh away! It's far too comical not to. ...especially if you're not the one out of an office!

Lynn said...

I can relate. My office currently has no running water and no working bathrooms. I run out and use the woods. For real.

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