Monday, January 20, 2014

A Birthday Brunch

Yesterday, Lucy held a birthday brunch for Baby A.

I arrived a little bit early because I made French toast casserole and cinnamon rolls for the party.

I set my gift for Baby A (yes, I already gave him a rolling pin set. No, I have no self-control.) on the floor and proceeded to the kitchen to take care of the food and, while I was stacking up sweets, I heard the tearing of paper.

The birthday boy helped himself to his present -- can you blame him? -- and we got to play with his new pots and pans for a bit until everyone else came over.

No luck getting him into the chef's hat, however.

A is really into the construction scene these days. On Friday night, Lucy and I frosted theme-appropriate cookies. Black frosting is a dangerous mess. But I love how they turned out.

My parents and my grandparents came to the party. They get to hear about the boys a lot more than they get to see them; it was a treat for them to be able to spend some time with the little men.

It was a fun morning. And completely devoid of commentary about my lack of children!

Maybe because I had been out the night before and was feeling and looking particularly...exhausted and unfit for parenting. 

Seriously though: rough.

Thank heavens for the distracting powers of a cute baby face.

(Baby L is so tiny at 6 months compared to his chunker of a big brother!) 


Anonymous said...

Does he have the book "Goodnight Construction Site"? My son who is 2 looooves it!

A said...

I think he got it for Hanukkah. I'll have to go on a spying mission next time I'm at their house because, if A doesn't have it, he needs it!

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