Sunday, December 15, 2013

Waking up smiling

If I hadn't had work to distract me yesterday, I would have burst into flames before noon.

And last night, mercifully, I had dinner plans with Lucy and Chet. We had macarons for dessert.

My subconscious was cooperative. Instead of a night filled with anxiety dreams, I work up this morning laughing. I can't recall the dream, but the feeling of waking up smiling isn't one that I will soon forget.

I wanted to pout this morning away but I woke up smiling and there was Premier League soccer on the television and the prettiest blanket of snow on the ground. I sipped away my frustration with my coffee. I was still but I was not overcome.

Better but not gone. It continued to simmer.

In the afternoon, my eyes stumbled over a small piece of advice. I was skimming and suddenly I was stopped. Stalled right at that sentence. Three words. In the order I needed to see them. On the snowy Sunday afternoon I needed to read them.

Loosen your grip.


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