Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Smart shopper

You guys, I have an announcement.

If you've been reading for some time, you're probably eternally annoyed at all of the quirks and the faults that I know I have but cannot and/or will not abandon even if it's for my own good.

But here is the thing: THERE IS HOPE.

If my Christmas is any indication, there is legitimate hope for me. 

You know how I am basically the worst Christmas shopper ever? How I wander around the mall looking for The Most Perfect Gift and then I don't find it so I go home to regroup instead of buying the second best thing and getting on with my life?

Yeah. So, somehow I broke the habit.

Today is December 10 and I am all but done with my Christmas shopping.

It is a miracle.

My success can be credited to a few early victories: I bought chocolates for my staff the week before Thanksgiving and, while shopping online just before the start of Pie Night, I snagged a really good present for our family exchange game.

My mom is easy to shop for. My father is getting hockey tickets because he is not easy to shop for. I toned down the bitch and bought Meg an actual present even though I insisted that I would not. Friends, cousins, cute boys without proper titles, random gifts to keep on hand at work just in case I get a gift from someone I'm not expecting to get a gift from: done.  

I am on fire. While shopping with my mom last weekend, I was picking out gifts for her to give with such uncharacteristic confidence that, at one point, she turned to me and said "who ARE you?"

Awesome at Christmas. That's who I am, Mother.

I am so pleased with myself. I am also very anxious for Christmas to finally get here because I am not used to having to keep these secrets for so long! 

I would turn my attention to cookies but I am absolutely certain that any batch of cookies that I bake now will not make it to Christmas. So, I think I'll read A Christmas Memory once or four times in the meantime. It's my absolute favorite. And maybe get a pedicure. I think I've earned it.


gloriason said...
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gloriason said...

BRAVO!!! We are never too old or set in our ways to make changes for the better. Enjoy your Christmas, you deserve it!

k said...

I'm jealous! What did you get you mom? I think my mom is so hard to shop for! She also has a birthday on the 15th, which means I have to come up with another present.

Vicki said...

That's so awesome. I love this post :)It's always nice to try and get things done a little early so you have more time to relax, and laugh at the rest of the suckers who are scrambling to find something.

Kari said...

Well it is the most wonderful time of the year -- not sure if you have seen this or not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg4nfnGwHsU but thought you'd get a laugh out of it.

A said...

DYING! I hadn't seen it. Love love love.

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