Sunday, December 08, 2013

Risk, Reward

Last Sunday, I was a controlled wreck. I joined my family for our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm and I held it together. I skipped lunch because I knew that I couldn't much longer. I went home and finished reading a book that made me cry. ...or let me cry. Thank heavens for that book, because I needed to.

The book and the subsequent tears made me think a lot of things through, which I also desperately needed.

I spent the next day sorting it all out in my head. When I finally blogged that night, I explained myself -- to myself, as much as to you guys -- and, the next day, I explained myself a little bit more.

And once I got that out, once I cleared that up, once I felt like I had picked the path that I needed to take: I was rewarded with a lovely week.

It was just a really, really nice week. A week where things fell into place and work was decent and Christmas felt fun again. There was the coffee incident and we got great news about our World Cup tickets. The running tights Meg wanted for Christmas sold out before I could but them buy then they magically reappeared online. I made risotto for the first time and didn't ruin it. I got a massage. I took a new class at a new gym and it was awesome. I was a simple, uneventful happy. I can barely remember last Sunday, that sad Sunday. It seems like it was weeks ago.

I am not much for signs or superstition, but it feels like something or someone was telling me that I got this one right.


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