Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pictures, Lately

I am busy. Busy at work. Busy making broccoli cheese soup. Busy getting my hair cut and colored. Busy having incredible awful anxiety dreams about The Coach. Busy inventorying all of the Christmas presents I ordered online as they show up at my doorstep.

I had a meeting just around the corner from Lucy's house on Thursday morning. When I was done, I picked us up Thai from her favorite restaurant and stopped by for lunch and snuggles with Baby L.

Yesterday, I saw my grandma and she was telling me all about how the water in her Christmas tree froze around the trunk. The tree was hanging out in her garage until she could get around to decorating and the weather happened and she was left with a treecicle.

Don't worry, my cousin Emma captured a picture of my grandma chiseling the tree to freedom. She's very resourceful.

While we're on the topic of my Grandma: I've been plugging away at the photo book that my cousins and I give Grandma every year. Our theme this year is Christmases past and, oh my goodness, my family and I have unearthed some gems.

I am particularly fond of this one of my mom and her sisters with Santa. My mom is the middle sister, on the far right. This picture always makes me smile.

I found all sorts of pictures of me as a kid and it's always sort of weird to look at them because: I was really that little? I believe I was just a few months past my fourth birthday in the picture on the left; I was 15 months old in the picture to the right. 

Of course, they aren't all cute.

That was one immensely awkward Christmas.

Unfortunately, I have no disbelief that I was the awkward creature in this picture. I remember this period of my life all too well. The braces seared the hideous years right into my memory. As though living through it wasn't enough.


aahager said...

Santa bear!

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