Friday, December 27, 2013

Party Animal

My cousin/roommate, Liz, is having a party tonight and the party that my cousin/roommate Liz is having tonight is basically the last event that I feel like attending.

As the party is in the house where I live, as it's the nice thing to do, as I don't really have any legitimate excuses, as I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings: I will be attending Liz's party. Such is life.

Thankfully, Meg will be there, as well as the few friends of Liz who I actually like. In addition to a great number of her friends who are perfectly fine just not exactly my type for one reason or another. It will be fine. I would prefer to spend the evening with The Coach but The Coach is hanging out with his two siblings, their spouses and his six nieces and nephews. A guy who wants to spend time with his family is the kind of guy who I want to have in my life so I can't really fault him for being unable to whisk me away from this party or dutifully stand by my side throughout its duration.

Due to an overwhelming desire to dress up, Liz engineered this to be a fancier post-holiday soirée. I expect that there will be sequined dresses. I will be wearing plaid.

Because I meant for it to be my Christmas dress and I didn't get a chance to wear it for Christmas. Also because I don't care very much.

Rest assured that I do care enough to iron the dress and put on a more, um, voluminous bra. I'm not that lazy.


Accidentally Me said...

I love selfie fashion shows! It's my favorite occasional recurring feature of your blog:-) I like the dress, it's cute even without sequins...and I really like the red shoes!

gloriason said...

You look wonderful in that dress, and I bet you get lots of compliments from the sequin crowd.

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