Wednesday, December 04, 2013

On being decent

This morning, I stopped at Tim Horton's on my way to work.

It was especially busy at dear ol' THo's. The line of cars for the drive through wound out onto the street. As I got in line, I saw a man in a Subaru who had pulled in through the parking lot. There was no way he was getting his car into the line unless someone let him in. So I let him in.

What's an extra two minutes, you know?

When I got up to the window, the girl working smiled and told me that he had bought me my coffee. And that the woman in the SUV behind me had offered to buy it, too.

It's the little things.

The same thing happened when Meg and I were getting to our race on Thanksgiving morning. I was in the line to get into the parking structure and another car -- another Subaru, actually -- was coming in from a different direction and somebody had to let them in so I just did it.

The driver paid for my parking.

Such kind gestures for what is, essentially, nothing. A minute of my time. A second to be considerate.

But each act of reciprocity served as a timely reminder that people notice.

I try very hard to err on the side of love and kindness and goodness. I would rather be too generous. I would rather be too nice. There are times when I feel like my (generally) good nature is overlooked. Like I am throwing my heart and my good intentions into a black hole. As though I am setting myself up to be taken advantage of.

How wonderful of those strangers to show me that it isn't the case.

It makes me want to buy them each a coffee.


Rita in Toronto said...

I once pulled into a Tim Horton's at 5 am on my way to skiing - after I ordered my coffee I realized I forgot my wallet at home (5 am, way too early to be up obviously). The Tim Horton's employee let me have the coffee anyway. The next day I brought him a gift card.

A said...

Oh, man. That's so decent (and kudos to you for paying it forward) and only fuels the love fire I have for Tim Horton's.

doahleigh said...

Lucky you! I try to do things like that a lot - it's the way my parents modeled for me and the way I way I want to model human behavior for my daughter - but it seems like I only ever a flippant wave, or maybe nothing at all, and even sometimes a sneer. You must have a better aura about you than I do!

Kari said...

Glad the world is recognizing what a great person you are.
Yes -- I agreee I'd rather be known as being too nice, too generous etc. The world has been great to me (especially when I travel to far off lands) so I try to reciprocate whenever I can. Really in the long run what is an extra 2 minutes in line or a bouquet of flowers from my garden to me -- but if it brightens someone's day, maybe they will brighten someone elses, etc.

Unknown said...

Ten years ago, my mom and I flew out to Denver for her high school reunion. We received free upgrades everywhere we went. Our car rental was upgraded. She received free prints at the photo restoration place. Our hotel room was upgraded. At each place, the employee lowered his or her voice and thanked my mom for being so nice and so patient because the employee had spent the entire day being yelled at by customers.

Readyandfading said...

Being nice is something that is now rare. I applaud you for being true to who you are. I always try to be kind, patient and giving. As each year passes, I find that good things are coming because of it. You are quite a lady and I wish you tons more goodness for all of your kindness.

gloriason said...

I love hearing about Random Acts of Kindness! I'm not the least bit surprised that you showed kindness to strangers and it is so refreshing to read your blog. Keep being yourself - it's a beautiful thing!

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