Saturday, December 07, 2013


From just before Baby A was born, my mother has found many hours of entertainment in shopping for Lucy's babies.

Among her numerous skills and her various degrees and the plethora of people who depend on her mothering (myself included), my mom is also a very talented shopper. She loves scoring a good deal.

After many years of absence from the children's department, my mom has a few very adorable reasons to browse the selection for the tiny set and, oh, does she ever take advantage. I don't think she leaves GAP or Macy's without a tiny outfit or two that cost less than a cup of coffee.

She gives it all to me to give to Lucy. Eventually. "Put this away for _____." A birthday. Hanukkah. Valentine's Day. When he's grown to twice his current size.

Half of my extra closet is filled with outfits for the boys. Organized in size order. I'm always a little afraid that I will miss an outfit and they won't get a chance to wear it. (Thank goodness Baby L came along to fill in any potential gaps.)

My mom definitely buys the boys more than their own grandparents do and the whole thing is a little bit weird. But so is my friendship with Lucy so who am I to judge? Lucy is always very appreciative. The boys get a lot of wear out of what my mom has bought and I think it only makes her want to buy more. Which, I mean, I guess that's okay. Children need to be clothed. And my mom needs to shop.

Everybody needs a hobby.

Considering my mother's, I should be more grateful that she doesn't also dabble in nagging about her lack of grandbabies.


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