Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here we go again

I'm ringing in 2014 the same way I rang in 2013: wearing yoga pants. In Lucy's living room.

There's one more page to finish off in the story of my 2013, so I will hold off on the Cliff's Notes rewind of the year until it is officially over.

I will say this: I feel like I am in a far better place this New Year's Eve than I was last New Year's Eve. And it's not just because I am wearing a new pair of yoga pants.

Thank you for spending 2013 with me, you guys. I appreciate our friendships. I appreciate all of you.

Happy New Year!  


gloriason said...

Wishing you a wonderful, fun filled 2014!

Accidentally Me said...

Plan: at 11:00, leave Chet at home, go with Lucy to the nearest bar. Well, the nearest one with lots if very young boys. Do two quick shots. At 11:45, identify a really cute boy. I don't care how annoying, pompous or snotty this Bro is...you tell him that he is to find you in 15 minutes because it's New Years and you want a boy to kiss. Spend 5-10 minutes aggressively making out. Like, real face sucking. Like, enough that your friends would make fun of you for years if they saw. Thank the boy, then leave and go back to Lucy's.

You can send me your bar tab, I'll be happy to pay it!

Also, have Lucy record this in video...

Sabrina said...

Happy New Year!

Kari said...

I am hoping that you followed AM's advice from above! Happy New Year!

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