Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gym Snobs

I'm taking group fitness classes for the first time in years.

On a whim, I bought a Groupon for two weeks of bag classes at the local boxing gym. I didn't really think about where it is (the snotty side of town) or the clientele. I just thought it might be fun to mix it up for a few weeks.

I always intended on using it these two weeks. I figured it would be a good distraction up until The Coach comes home and it has proved to be such.

It has also proved to bring out my worst side.

Mainly: how intolerant I am with certain girls at the gym.

As I said, this gym is in an area that brings out all sorts of girls in a full face of makeup and fully coordinated workout gear and pink boxing gloves. And they walk into the gym like LOOK AT ME, I AM HERE AND I AM FIERCE.

So then they go into this elaborate routine leading up to the start of class. Look at me jump roping! Look at me wrapping my hands! Look at me stretching!

It's intimidating. When I went to my first class, I was holding my breath and watching these girls and thinking about how poorly I was going to do and I've taken hundreds of kickboxing classes. Plus I'm in really respectable shape.

What pisses me off about these girls is that, if you weren't particularly fit or confident and it took all it had for you to get in the door to that gym, they are nothing but discouraging. They are the reason women are afraid to join a gym.

Class starts and the snobs keep up fine but they are not anything special. They are not far superior than anyone else even though they obviously take plenty of classes and have no shortage of confidence or lululemon yoga pants.

Then the instructor has us do pushups and THEY DO GIRL PUSHUPS.

I'm sorry, but if you can't do a real pushup (and I'm a firm believer that anyone of any gender can learn to do a real pushup and girl-style pushups are just some horrible holdover from the 1950s), you have no business intimidating other women at the gym. Get over yourself.


Heather said...

um, i can't do a real push up.

but this is mostly because i am built like a t-rex and have been lax in correcting that. i imagine crossfit (PROVIDED THE GYM EVER GETS BACK TO MY INQUIRY ABOUT MEMBERSHIPS, OMG LIKE MAYBE PAY ATTENTION TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS) will fix that eventually. but still: pushups are hard.

A said...

I should clarify: it's nothing against people won can't do pushups. I think that everyone is capable of doing pushups if he/she puts in the work (and for some people, that might be a lot of work). And I do think that women have been given a disservice to be forever granted the "out" of girl-style pushups. How can you ever be inspired to learn if you're practically expected to take the shortcut route?

I just happen to think that he/she should put in the work if they walk around the gym like they're hot shit. That's all.

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