Monday, December 30, 2013


The Coach left today.

I have all sorts of feelings about his visit that I want to write about and, at the same time, that I don't want to write about.

It seems like I do a disservice to him or to us or to you guys every time I write about anything involving me and The Coach. That I can never get the words just right and so it is painted too perfect or too woefully pathetic or otherwise inaccurate and disingenuous. I can't ever get it right. I can't ever explain how it is imperfect or frustrating or critical or rewarding. I can't explain him: the decisions that he makes that annoy me and that I trust, the devious twinkle he gets in his eyes, his awful habit of interrupting, the way he loves his job and the way that he loves where he's from.

I can't get it right so, this time, I am not going to try. I am not going to dissect it. I will continue to go with my gut.

I knew that this Christmas visit would be unlike his other Christmas visits. And it was. It was short. The time that I spent with him was perfect. And when he left I cried.   


Kari said...

Sending lots of hugs. I think in a lot of ways it was your best Christmas with the coach which is why it was hard to see him go. Plan that trip down to see him. Fingers crossed that he is able to move back to Michigan.

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