Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and beyond

I had a delightful Christmas, starting with a holiday wake up call from The Coach. It came far, far earlier than he would typically be awake over vacation. I couldn't help but be charmed: 35 and still giddy about Christmas. I find it so endearing.

The holiday was lovely. So much family time and everyone was on good behavior. So much food and it was all delicious. So many presents and they were all thoughtful. It was a Christmas abundant in love and health and generosity. I am incredibly fortunate.

Then I cried my whole drive home. It was the end of Christmas: the end of three truly wonderful days. The end of a merry distraction. No longer in the shadow of Santa Claus, the end of The Coach's short trip home glared at me. I want more time. I want more time than I can possibly have.

I didn't have a Christmas list this year but, next year, I won't make the same mistake.

More time, please. More Christmas lights. More holiday movies. More cookies and hot chocolate. More Christmas carols. More time.


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