Friday, November 08, 2013

Try a little makeup

I alluded to it a few weeks ago, but I never told you the story about the woman at work giving me the business about my appearance.

It was my birthday. I had enough time in the morning to throw a few curls in my hair with my flat iron, as I do periodically.

The woman comes in, as she does frequently, and she says to me "your hair is different! It looks good!"

I thanked her. "I had a little more time to get ready this morning, so I thought I would try to make myself look like less of a slob," I added. I know better. I should have left it alone.

She saw the opening and she took it.

"Then maybe try a little makeup next time," she replies to me. Completely serious. "Like some mascara or a little bit of lip gloss."

For the record: I was wearing makeup. And far less offended than truly amused. (Which I assured the patron who subsequently whispered "well, I think you look really nice today.")  

That is the thing about working with the general public. There's always someone.

Someone who likes your hair but not your makeup.

Somebody with an opinion on the color of your scarf.

Or someone who tells you that you're beautiful.

Which is what happened yesterday.

Although, truthfully, the flattery doesn't stick nearly as well.


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