Friday, November 01, 2013

The Best Trick-or-Treater

I took a shift handing out candy last night.

It was rainy but the temperature was mild. I wasn't uncomfortable sitting out on the front porch in my dress and my tights. The scariest part of my look was, without question, my rapidly frizzing hair.

I could almost tell what some of the kids were, as they marched up the steps wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas. Face paint was smeared and masks were soaked, but everyone was smiling. Liz lives in a great neighborhood for Halloween. The houses are close together and the subdivision is huge. We went through at least 15 bags of candy.

My favorite trick-or-treater was a boy. He was about 4 and I have no idea what he was dressed up as because he was all bundled up against the weather. His mom ushered him up the stairs and I dropped two pieces in his bag.

And then I noticed him eying the peanut butter cup sitting on top of our bowl of candy and I dumped that into his bag, too.

He thanked me and he retreated back down the steps to where his mom was waiting under her umbrella.


And then I gave him all of the rest of our candy.

Or so I was tempted.  


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