Thursday, November 14, 2013

Settling In

I am finally getting my office in order.

Maybe this means that I'm finally getting my work life in order, too.

Taking a job over from someone who held it for over 40 years, from someone who didn't plan to leave when she did, has been challenging. I wasn't trained. I figured it out. I am figuring it out. It isn't fast, but I am getting there.

Every time I turn around, I hit a roadblock. Every decision I make is met with resistance. I am forever battling what has "always" been done, forever putting a positive spin on change, forever campaigning for growth.

But I am finally getting my office in order. And I think that may mean that I'm learning. I am taking it as a sign that I know what I need and I'll know where I should put it so that I can find it.

My desk, since July, has been stacks and piles and chaos. Much like my mind. But now I have folders and files and a method.

(Though I am still lacking in space. 40 years of paperwork is a lot of paperwork. I took over an office that was already full.)  

I am getting there.

Slowly. Shoving papers into drawers.

And maybe one day I won't even feel like I'm drowning.


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