Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday So Far

What I didn't wake up to: a text from The Coach. He usually wakes me up to update me on how his team does but he doesn't always update me on how his team does. (Especially if it's bad and he's pissed about it.) (It was bad.)

What was waiting in my inbox when I woke up: an email from Starbucks. Free holiday drink promotion. Not upset about it.

What I did this morning: while sitting in the living room drinking coffee, I suggested to Liz that we go to Ann Arbor, get breakfast and do a little shopping. She was heading upstairs to get ready before I had finished the suggestion.

We ate: at Angelo's. Best breakfast in Ann Arbor. End of story.

We laughed: at this picture from Halloween. Our friend's daughter and I became fast friends. (She fell hard for my red patent leather ballet flats.)

We shopped: at my favorite gift/stationery store in town.

I bought: a Christmas present! For my mom. I'm excited about it.

I headed to Mom and Dad's house: because I'm watching the dog tonight. They're in Chicago; Meg's at a wedding.
On the way: I stopped to pick up a Christmas present for Meg, too. All the credit to Liz, who mentioned that Meg had been coveting her hair dryer in Mexico, and Ulta for having a coupon that made it a steal.
I felt the most proud: for having two Christmas presents purchased as of November 2. I am the worst Christmas shopper. This is a huge accomplishment.
And then I walked in the door at Mom and Dad's house: and saw my cousin Emma's overnight bag sitting at the bar. I almost cried. I love Emma, I do, but I wasn't planning on babysitting her in addition to the dogs.
Pulling myself together: I have a big football game to watch.


Go Blue!


Accidentally Me said...

Good thing you did that activity brainstorming!!!

Sabrina said...

Whew, we ARE on the same side. Go Blue! French toast at Angelo's.... heaven.

A said...

Phew! You come across as very smart so...I had a good feeling.

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