Saturday, November 30, 2013

Running Together

Pie Night featured a lot of girls and a lot of pies. 

Thursday morning featured a 5:15 alarm and frigid temperatures.

We had no problems getting downtown. I was feeling the spirit of the holiday while waiting to pull into a parking garage and let a car cut in front of me and was quickly rewarded with the driver of that car paying for our parking. Considerate, right?

Here is a picture of me at the start line wearing three shirts and three pairs of pants and no makeup.

When we were driving downtown, I said to Meg "how about we run together this year?" We've run a lot of the same races but we always split up at the start and run at our own pace.

But Meg's heart issues still haven't been figured out. She's still having a lot of episodes and going to a lot of appointments and getting very few answers and, while she doesn't say much about it, I know she's nervous and scared and frustrated.

Meg didn't refuse my suggestion that we run together and then I started second guessing myself. Maybe I wanted to run on my own. What if someone looks up my time and it's slower than it usually is?

Seriously. Seriously I thought that.

And then I got over myself and made the right choice on Thanksgiving.

To do what was best for me. Not what would look best. Not what I assumed others would tell me what to do.

We had a good run. Minus the cold and the snow and the increasingly slippery conditions.

I enjoyed running with my sister. It's a little embarrassing that I needed to have a revelation in order to do it. It's a little stupid that I think that anyone is looking up my 10k times.

It's a little strange that we started off our Thanksgiving with a few post-run coney dogs.

A little strange, a little awesome, a lot Detroit.


Accidentally Me said...

Phew...this saves an awkward conversation about your declining running abilities...

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