Saturday, November 23, 2013

No patience

We're now at the point in The Coach's season that I am. so. totally. over it.

This comes up during the same week every single year. It's far enough along that I have lost my patience and he has planted his head firmly up his all-coaching-all-the-time ass. It's frustrating. And I get his side. I understand what is happening. I can comprehend it. But I am annoyed. I want to scream. Which seems unproductive. Which also annoys me.

To his credit, every other year there have been other stretches throughout the fall season when I have wanted to bash out his teeth and, generally, this year has been good and I have not felt any violence towards his teeth or any other body part.

Until this week, anyway.

It does not help that either he or I should be on the verge of embarking on a Thanksgiving trip and he is not and I am not and that makes him an idiot and it makes me a bigger idiot.

It does not help that he'll soon be embarking on a coaching trip overseas. He'll be living and breathing sport and I'll be here.

I am always here.

If I play his absence right, if I am smart, I'll use his coaching trip as a couple of weeks with the distance to figure things out. To make sure this is what I want. To figure out what I'm doing going forward. (And, if AM gets her way, sign up for Match.)

I am just over this week.

I am just ready for him to be home for Christmas.

So I can punch him. Right in his handsome face.


Accidentally Me said...

There's no way that I'm the only one that wants you to sign up for Match!!! I may be the most aggressive in nagging you about it, but certainly there is some more support for this idea...right, other readers?

Kari said...

Yes -- there are many of us who want you to sign up for Match!

Belle Vierge said...

I found my boyfriend of 2+ years now on OKC. I'm totally supportive of you trying out Match!

Flmgodog said...

I am with AM - sign up for Match. This Coach stuff is nuts!!!

Kari said...

If I gift you a subscription can AM write and upload the profile? See we have it all taken care of!

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