Friday, November 15, 2013


I remember exactly where I was when I started this blog. I remember exactly where I was sitting. I remember the weather. I remember how I felt.

There isn't another moment of my 22nd year that I recall better than I can that memory. And there is little else that occurred during that year that changed me as what I started on that day.

A whole year of my life and the most defining event was an hour that I spent on the Internet.

But it changed me. Becoming a blogger and being a part of this informal and imperfect community has changed me.

I would have grown up either way. I would have navigated new jobs and disappointed by boys and frustrated by my limitations and angry at the world.

I do believe that my life is better as a result of that hour I spent on the Internet nine years ago. I believe that I am better because I have this space where I can write freely and poorly about a few things that matter to everyone and an endless number of topics that only matter to me.

At 22, I was clueless.

Yet somehow I managed to get this one right.


Kari said...

Yes, you did get this right!
Happy 9th!

my life is brilliant said...

So glad you did. But you do not write poorly. I love your writing style!

Accidentally Me said...

Well, I think my feelings are pretty well known at this point:-)

I think that what strikes me about your very early posts (and I have not read them all) is that you sounded kind of sad. Maybe "sad" is the wrong word, but there was clearly an insecurity coming through. I guess, given the time period (graduated, job searches, boy troubles, etc.) that makes sense.

But you've most definitely grown up. And for all of the criticism you give yourself (much of it, frankly, nonsense!) your confidence level is MILES ahead of where it was 9 years ago.

So here is to nine more years, and nine more after that, and to continually discovering that you, my dear, are way awesomer than you give yourself credit for!

A said...

Oh, you guys. I can always count on you for telling me that I don't write like I'm making notes on a post-it and that maybe I have made a little progress and I LOVE YOU FOR IT.

I want to celebrate reaching 10 years of blogging by having you all over for a sleepover!

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