Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's play interior decorator

I have this big empty expanse of wall over the credenza in my office that is driving me mad.

While I have been here for four months, I've just recently tackled the mess of my office. "Just put it in my office," I would say, over and over again, when my staff would ask me about this or that. You've worked here for 30 years and I've been here for 6 weeks and you're asking me? Dump it in my office. I'll figure it out eventually.

Eventually is here and now my credenza isn't piled high with boxes and binders, photos from when they hired a magician for storytime in 1979 and random computer equipment.

The clutter made me nuts. And now the blank wall is doing the same.

I feel that this whole operation is complicated by the wallpaper, which isn't exactly wallpaper but this textured, indestructible wall covering stuff that is obviously meant for high-traffic buildings. It's not going anywhere.

The clock is hideous and it needs to go. I had envisioned hanging my diplomas on another wall just above a bookcase. I could be convinced otherwise.

It's just such a big space. The credenza itself is at least six feet long.

I feel like anything small is just going to be swallowed up by the wall and I need something huge to fill it up. Or I need to get all Pinterest-y and hang a bunch of stuff up gallery style. I can't decide if that would be too busy for being adjacent to the wallpaper.

As you can see, there's an outlet up there. I could invest in a fun lamp. Maybe that would break up whatever is hanging on the wall from the whimsical, headache-inducing swirls of the wallpaper. Or a plant? Or both?

Years ago, I framed the poster Peter Max made for the 1994 World Cup.

I had intended to give it to Colin as a gift and he turned sour and I never gave it to him and it has spent the last six years living in assorted basements.

I love that poster, actually. The same one hung in my bedroom when I was a kid, when I was still dreaming about playing in a (women's) World Cup instead of planning trips to be a spectator at one.

I have never hung it up because I always assumed that it would just remind me of how young and stupid I was about Colin. But it's been six years and maybe I should just stick that damn poster in my face and use a little big of exposure therapy so I can stop feeling silly and guilty about all of the money I paid to have that poster framed for a guy who wasn't worth the cost of four thumbtacks. 

I could buy a print from Etsy. I've been coveting one Etsy print or another since the beginning of Etsy and I haven't had a good reason to buy one or a good place to hang it so I've resisted. (And purchased them for other people.)

I am total a sucker for a gorgeous letterpress print with a clever phrase or an inspirational quote. Or maybe something with a library or a book theme. That would be appropriate.

Slightly more appropriate than a shirtless David Beckham poster, which I also think would really liven up the atmosphere in my office.

As would turning the credenza into a proper bar and hanging shelves for the liquor above it. But, again, we're striving for appropriate because I am not yet independently wealthy.  

This is a lot of thought to put into decorating an office for a job that I expect to grow out of in just a few years.


Heather said...

so i have a similar problem with the wall above my couch in my living room. great big expanse of white nothingness. i had looked at giant roll-up vintage maps (think the kind we had in grade school)(too expensive), giant pictures from IKEA (too impersonal) and finally, after three years of emptiness, i just thumbtacked up a giant folding map of the US from 1967 that i found at a flea market as a "for now." it worked because i had some vintage nh maps from my grandparents' house on the opposite wall. (i like maps)

i just ordered, however, a 24"x36" canvas print of the eiffel tower from a website (because the pinterest $4-engineer-print thing was SUCH A FAIL). i bought a groupon for two other 16x20" canvases. i plan to make a London/Paris 2013 wall out of it. the three canvases, a document frame with my certificate from the Doctor Who Experience, and a shadowbox with the House pins i bought from the Harry Potter Studio tour.

here is my suggestion: if you have art you're ok with already (the soccer poster) use it for now. if you have some awesome landscape shots or whatever from a vacation, get a photocanvas done (the site i ordered from does 65% off frequently. my 24x36 canvas was $50 with shipping, which is REALLY reasonable. it's due in next week. stay tuned to find out if fussy mcdetailedpants has a problem with the job quality). (note: i am a fan of awesome photos) it's a personal touch that goes a long way. you can always swap one out later on for something more fun.

or put up a giant bulletin board. use it to pin pictures and mementos and stuff to. a director here has one with lots of his kids' artwork on it. i find it way more fascinating when i am in there than i do some of other wall decor in other offices.

kari said...

What about putting the world cup poster on the blue wall and hanging a large tapestry like http://www.tenthousandvillages.ca/shop/en/wall-hangings/6800424-floral-elephant-wall-hanging.html or from you travels, on the wall where the clock is. Maybe add some wood carvings or something (not sure if you brought any back from Africa or not). Maybe turn to the blue wall into a sports type wall with poster from Olympics, college games, world cups etc? As for the plug in, maybe a wood mantel clock?

Accidentally Me said...

A Detroit Ork poster!!! Wait, I already voted for that, didn't i?

A said...

Ooooooooooh! Great ideas you guys. I do love me a giant bulletin board. And yes for sure on the travel theme. Maybe I hold out for the perfect picture from Brazil. ...but I do have framed prints from Italy and Africa and...hmmmm. I could go somewhere with this. And include an Ork poster, too!

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