Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy (?) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday.

My Aunt Marie died right before Thanksgiving four years ago. It's been awful ever since. The Thanksgiving we celebrated just after her funeral was understandable awful.  We had just spent a week together, mourning and inside of a stuffy funeral home and in various states of shock.

Every year since, my cousin Emma -- her youngest daughter -- has been such a holy terror that it's basically ruined the holiday. I'm still pissed about how she behaved last year.

To say that I am approaching this Thanksgiving with trepidation would be an enormous understatement. We're still doing our annual Pie Night. (Which I used to think was the best night of the year.) Meg and I are still doing our usual Thanksgiving morning run. Mom is still hosting for 25+ and most of those 25+ won't even blink if Emma starts screaming and ranting.

It's just expected now.

That's why Thanksgiving isn't what it used to be.

I am hoping for a good holiday. Just a quiet holiday. And a trough of cranberry sauce. And a slice of pumpkin pie and a bite of pecan pie and enough stuffing to feed a softball team.

And a personal record in the 10k.

And for David Beckham to show up and carve our turkey. Shirtless. 


Kari said...

Plan for the worst -- hope for the best. Make up the most outrageous thing that you think Emma could do -- laugh about it and then when it doesn't happen be relieved. If it does happen you can say - saw that coming. With time she will mature...but until then -- turn it into a game or at least something you can laugh at.

A said...

Kari, you are brilliant and maybe I'll make a "guess what time Emma has a meltdown" pool and can (hopefully) be thankful when nobody wins because she doesn't have a meltdown and acts like a normal person.

Kari said...

Love the pool idea -- put me down for 1/2 before dinner is served!

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