Monday, November 04, 2013

Gift cards from here on out

I have two stories to tell you in follow-up to Saturday's rambling post.

One, the story that I will tackle today, is simple and annoying. The other, which I'll attempt later this week, is complex and annoying.

Lately I have been easily annoyed.

On Saturday, I wrote all about how excited I was to have bought a few Christmas presents because I'm a bad Christmas shopper and I never want to buy a present unless I'm certain that it's the prefect present and then I get myself all stressed out until I obtain that perfect present. I don't have the energy or the time to be all stressed out this year, so it was just so nice to have two presents out of the way.

And then I saw Meg yesterday and she was like "oh, and I bought a blow dryer this week."

My (over)reaction: "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

According to my cousin Liz, Meg asked for a blow dryer for Christmas at least five times over the course of their trip to Mexico. She told Liz she wanted one. She told my aunt that she wanted one.

And in true Meg style, she just went out and bought it herself.

She always does this.

Seriously. Don't ask for a gift and and then buy it for yourself a week later. And, while you're at it, maybe don't ask, like, four different people for the very same specific gift.

She always does this.

It is so annoying.

She's getting a gift card.

I do not care.


Kari said...

I hate it when people do this! My SIL is the same -- she asked for a sewing machine -- not only did she buy one before Christmas -- someone else bought one for her. Repeat with Jogging Stroller. This year she is getting hangers (because there are never any to hang up your coat with at her place), tea towels (because all hers smell gross), a drying mat (because hers has something growing on it that even bleach can't kill) and maybe some chocolate (because she will be pissed about getting the hangers, tea towels and drying mat).
What about making your sis a Brazil survival pack? Meds, Candy, USA tattoos, etc?

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