Wednesday, November 06, 2013


I don't want to jinx it, but the last two days seem to be indicating that I am finally growing out of the bad mood that has plagued me since...?

My half-marathon two weeks ago?

The week before that?

Basically I can't recall when I last wasn't an unpleasant old shrew.

Earlier this week, I decided to blame this on mercury's retrograde. I am ignorant to astrology so I don't actually know what happens when mercury is in retrograde but it seems as good a reason as any. A girl can't be premenstrual for a straight month.

The only other logical explanation is that my foul mood was a side effect of an acute cider mill donut deficiency.

On Monday, I might have told my staff that I was running to the bank. And I might have just blew off the errand at the bank and headed straight to the cider mill for a dozen donuts instead.

And things might have started looking up after one donut.

Okay, three donuts.

And hot cider.


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