Sunday, November 24, 2013

A weekend, a project

I am not a particularly crafty lady. But I was with my mom at a thrift store around Halloween (we were picking up a shirt to go with her cowgirl costumed) and we stumbled across a kid's rocking chair. It was $7 and had the promise of a good project. My mom talked me into refinishing it for Lucy's oldest son, Baby A.

The timing is right: his second birthday is soon and Hanukkah is even sooner. My mom has refinished enough furniture over the years that that she could keep me from botching the entire operation. It's practical and old and a little bit sentimental. I could picture Lucy loaning that rocking chair to me -- to a baby of mine, if I am ever so fortunate -- just like my childhood rocking chair went to my cousin Emma. ...and eventually back to my mom and dad's house.
I sanded and I varnished this weekend. I also drank coffee and played hockey and read (This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, the newest by Ann Patchett) and watched football. I had a turkey sandwich for lunch on Saturday. I went shopping. Late this afternoon, I dragged myself to the gym for a decent run. When I was finished, I decided to treat myself to 15 minutes in the steam room.
I am always in too much of a hurry for the steam room and that must change. The steam room is great. I want to kiss the steam room on the mouth.

I ran a dozen errands. I helped Meg with a few things. I ate dinner and watched Orange is the New Black with Lucy and Chet.

I packed so much in and it still felt like a relaxing weekend. It was a relaxing weekend.

And the first in a few weeks that wasn't just one day. Apparently I didn't need to be any less busy in order to recharge. I just needed to be busy with things that weren't work.  


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