Thursday, October 10, 2013

Winning & Losing with The Coach

The Coach's job is an interesting dynamic between us.

I'm just really noticing it this year, now that I'm (finally) less stuck in my head and less endlessly paranoid that he's going to disappear into thin air.

His job, on the weekends, at least, is very black and white. You win. You lose. (Sometimes you tie.)

It's really weird, knowing if he's had a really, really good day at work or a really, really bad day at work. And knowing that without even having to ask him. (I always see the box score or the result reported on Twitter long before he's through with his post-game duties.)

He doesn't talk all that much about his team or his games. He mentions things in passing. He answers the questions that I ask. But he doesn't delve deep into his coaching philosophy or a game strategy or anything like that. I assume he saves that for a few of his very best friends, the ones who are also coaches and, like, would understand. Or his assistant coaches. Or his team. But not me.

And that's cool. I haven't really taken the time to explain the Dewey Decimal System to him, either.

But I get the gist. I watch his games when they are broadcast. I read the newspaper articles. He gives me the overview of what's going on. I don't know it all but I know enough.

I certainly know how much he cares. I know how much he wants his team to be exceptional, unbeatable, feared.

I know enough to realize when he's going to be really wrapped up in preparation for a really big game. I know enough to anticipate when he's going to take a loss especially hard. And I know him well enough to anticipate how he's going to act in the days leading up to a big game or just after a disappointing loss.

Slowly, he's becoming less of a mystery.


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