Sunday, October 27, 2013

The worst

I took it easy this weekend. That isn't exactly simple for me.

But I've just been feeling so awful lately. I had the week of headaches, then I ran a half-marathon and limped my way into last week, where I felt vaguely off every single day.

I have found all of this to be very annoying, so I decided to give myself the weekend off. A bye weekend, just like my beloved UM football team.

I didn't spend the last two days running from obligation to obligation. I didn't go to work. I spent a lot of time finishing up a book, I watched an episode of Catfish, I sat around and drank coffee and caught up with Liz, I took a leisurely stroll around Target, I baked cookies, I went to Lucy's mom's annual Halloween party.

I wrapped up a lot of little projects that I never made a priority and therefore never got done. I slept in. I painted my nails. I ate French toast.

I took it easy.


It is so bad.

This is just the worst. 


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